How to Buy a Paid Course on aptLearn

While most courses on aptLearn are free, you’ll need to buy some courses to have access. This guide will walk you through buying courses on aptLearn using both video and written guides. 

See the video guide below:

Keep reading to follow our written guide.

Step 1: Log in to your aptLearn account and click on “Courses at the top right corner of the menu bar. This will take you to the course catalogue. 

Step 2: Select “Add to cart” to choose the course you want to buy. We would choose aptLearn’s UI/UX Complete Design Course in this guide.

Step 3: Select the official currency of your country of residence. This example uses the Nigerian currency (naira). You can also decide to add more paid courses by selecting “Continue Shopping“.

See the image below:

Step 4: When you’re done shopping, click on “Proceed to Checkout“. This will lead you to the checkout page. 

Note: You would see a prompt to log into your aptLearn account if you did not login earlier. You can also input a coupon code if you have one. 



Step 5: Fill in the required form field. Be sure to complete the required fields marked as *.

Note: Always change your Country/region to the correct one. In this example, because the user resides in Nigeria, it was changed from “United Kingdom” to “Nigeria”.




Step 6: Confirm your order by clicking “Place Order” and then select “Pay now“. 

Note: Ensure that you read the terms and conditions and click the blue checkboxes.

Step 7: Select a payment method (credit card, ussd, bank transfer, etc.) and make your payment. You should receive a confirmation email from our payment partners. Thereafter, login to your account and start learning! See the examples below: 

Note: If all other payment options fail, use the bank transfer payment method. See below:

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