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How to Acquire Certificate after Completing a Course

While it is possible to acquire a certificate on most courses on aptLearn, whether free or paid, not all courses come with certification. To be sure if a course has certification or not, check the info box. You should see a “Certificate of Completion” tag. See the image below:


If a course is without certification, this certificate information written here will totally disappear. Compare the image below with the one above. There is no “Certificate of Completion” tag.

Now that you are sure that the course you are dealing with has certification, let’s proceed to generate a certificate.

Remember on aptLearn, for you to generate a certificate for any course, you must have studied, understood, and passed all the course content, including but not limited to lessons, assignments, and quizzes. You must have marked them all as completed.

Step 1: Ensure all your courses module(Quizzes, Lessons, Assignments) are marked as completed. At this point, your course progress should be 100%. See the following examples.



Note: Some courses will require at least an 80% grade on the final exam to get a certificate. If you do not meet this cutoff, you can review the answers to the questions by clicking on “details“. Thereafter, you can retake the exam. You are only allowed three attempts.  See below:


Step 2: Now that you have fulfilled ALL criteria with a 100% course progress, return back to the course page.

Step 3: Now you will have two options, “View Certificate” or “Retake this course“. Click on “View Certificate” to cause an automatic generation of your certificate. The page below will show and you will see a loading icon to indicate your certificate is generating, this may refresh your browser to remove cache up to 5 times. See below:


Note: You can also generate your certificate from the congratulatory email sent to you after course completion.

Step 4: Download your certificate in either JPG format or PDF format. For best quality, we always recommend PDF format. You can also decide to copy the link to your certificate or print it( 2nd and 3rd arrows respectively in the image below)

Note: If after the browser has refreshed up to 5 times and you see something like a corrupted image file or nothing is showing at all or the refresh seems endless, Click the download icon(top arrow in the image below) and select what version you’d like to download your certificate in. This will force cache clearing and generate your certificate straight away.



Please follow this guide if you wish to change the name on your certificate.