Are you having trouble generating certificates? Here are the possible reasons.

You may still need help generating your certificate after completing a course on aptLearn, even after following all the steps in the guide on How to acquire a certificate after completing a course.

This is a list of the possible reasons and their solution.

  1. One criterion that qualifies you for a certificate on aptLearn is marking all lessons as complete. If you skipped a lesson or completed a lesson without checking the mark as complete button, you will not be able to generate a certificate after completing a course.
Solution: Ensure all your course modules (Quizzes, Lessons, and Assignments) are marked as completed. Your course progress should read 100%. Refresh the browser, then generate your certificate manually, following this guide.


  1. If you did not pass your quiz or final examination, you would not be able to generate a certificate after concluding a course. Most courses on aptLearn have quizzes and final examinations to grade your understanding of the subject studied.

Note: Some courses require a score of no less than 80% on your quizzes and final examination. If you do not meet this cutoff, you can retake the exams. You are only allowed three attempts.

Exhausting the number of attempts given for each course without scoring a passing grade, will dismiss any opportunity to generate a certificate for the course. See the images below for illustrations of the points mentioned above.

This image shows how your course dashboard should look to enable you to earn a certificate after concluding a course on the platform.

This image shows why you would not be able to generate a certificate. Read on to resolve this.

Solution: You can review the answers to each question by clicking on the details before retaking the quizzes and examinations. Also, go through the course materials again to ensure you understand the lessons for attempting the quizzes again.


  1. AptLearn offers certification for most courses, whether paid or free. But only some courses have certification. To be sure if a course has certification or not, check the info box. The course should have a Certificate of Completion tag, as seen below.

If a course is without certification, the certificate information will show no Certificate of Completion tag, as seen below.

Solution: Confirm that the course you have enrolled in offers a certificate of completion. If otherwise, there will be no certificate upon course conclusion.


  1. Your browser cache has stored certain information about the page’s static components, which may change when generating certificates. Also, the cache may reach its storage limit, making fetching your certificate take forever.
Solution: Clear the browser’s cache, as this will allow the browser to reload all information needed, including your certificate. Refresh the page and proceed to generate your certificate manually with this guide.


Follow this guide if you wish to change the name on your certificate.